Alleged killing field in Borno – (Discretion advised)

Alleged killing field in Borno

— Gumi calls for international inquiry

By Samuel Aruwan

Renown Kaduna-based cleric, Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, last night posted on his Facebook page four shocking photographs purporting to show how Nigerian soldiers executed unarmed civilians and buried them in a mass grave in Borno state.
He described the act as a genocide that must be investigated.
The civilians were most probably rounded up as suspects in the ongoing security crackdown on Boko Haram insurgents.
In the first photograph, a soldier is seen standing guard as poorly dressed civilians – many of them in their teens – line up in an open field indicating a Savannah environment. A waiting white van can be seen in front of them.
None of the civilians has a shoe or slippers on.

The second picture shows the civilians lying flat on their stomachs, all dead.
A third photograph shows a wider perspective of the executed men just as a small group of young men dig a mass grave beside the corpses.
The fourth picture shows the group of grave-diggers pouring the grotesque-looking corpses of the executed men into the mass grave from the back of the white van. A few soldiers can be seen in the background, with some sitting in a military van.
Gumi accompanied the photographs with a terse statement titled “Genocide Committed in Borno.”

He started the statement by quoting a United States government official, saying: “The acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Robert Jackson said: ‘When soldiers destroy towns, kill civilians and detain innocent people with impunity, mistrust takes root’.”
Gumi wrote: “This crime must not go unpunished. The international community should institute an inquiry and forensics search of other mass graves and bring to those culpable to book.

“Please, let us control our emotions and pray to Allah to expose all the criminals among us. So many innocent people have suffered. Enough is enough.
“May Allah save us all. Amin.”
The outspoken cleric did not, however, mention when the alleged mass executions took place or give further details.
Efforts to contact him by our correspondent last night failed as he did not answer a call put to his telephone.
Gumi has often promoted the notion that the Boko Haram insurgency is a plotby the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to destablise Nigeria.

A recent instance was a Facebook post he made on Tuesday this week in which he linked a 32:29-minute YouTube video of a 40-year-old American radio host, author, conspiracy theorist and documentary filmmaker, Alex Jones, titled “Obama’s CIA Runs Boko Haram”.
It is said that in the video Jones “breaks down how Boko Haram is run by the CIA, how it’s used to destabilize the surrounding region and give foreign governments an excuse to intervene and seize valuable assets.”

The title of Gumi’s response to the YouTube post can be translated from Hausa language as “nothing happens without a purpose”.
Blueprint tried to reach the Director of Defence Information, Major-Gen Chris Olukolade, for an official comment on the alleged killings, all to no avail.


Undertaker LOSES to Brock Lesnar! [Actual Video!] Wrestlemania 30 | Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar 21-1

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Pictures Of President’s Goodluck Jonathan Daughter Traditional Wedding



The appointed day for the full traditional wedding is today, Saturday, April 5, 2014. The venue being the expansive country home of the President in his hometown Otuoke, in Bayelsa State. Occasion is the traditional wedding ceremony between the daughter of the President, Faith Elizabeth Sakwe and her heartthrob Godswill Osim Edward from Cross River State. The couple we hear met while in school. Faith is a lawyer.

The traditional marriage journey began last night Friday, April 4, 2014 at about 7pm, with the payment of bride price and exchange of gifts between the 2 families, it’s part of the rites that must be observed. Though, it wasn’t the main event itself, in attendance were the family members on both sides and a sprinkling of friends, the likes of Hajia Bola Shagaya, Senator Ben Obi, Ifeanyi Uba, Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa, Governor Liyel Imoke, some 1st ladies and many more.











VIEWER’S DISCRETION ADVISED: Boy Cuts Another Boy’s Head, Arrested With The Head In His Hand


The world and Ghana keeps getting scarier by the day, the photo above is of a boy who was arrested for beheading another boy, reasons for the beheading unknown but obviously for some spiritual works as young men of today will do anything for quick money.

The Techiman police nabbed the boy and the photo you see above was taken. Is this fair? Tell us the appropriate punishment for this boy. Wickedness at it’s peak.

‘I don’t like poor men admiring me,Money Makes ME wet’ – actress, Lizzy Gold

Actress Lizzy Gold


Nollywood actress, Lizzy Gold, says the major criteria for any man to woo her is that he must be rich and that no poor man should even think of admiring her picture, let alone ‘toast’ her. In a chat with Entertainment Express, Lizzy also said bank alerts turn her on. What she said below…

“A poor man shouldn’t even think of admiring my picture, not to talk of wooing me. I love money so much so I can’t marry a poor man. I don’t even want a man who is merely comfortable. My interest and affection are for millionaires, if possible billionaires. Money means so much to me, in fact money makes me wet. Sometimes when I imagine so much money in my account, I could just get wet. Bank alert is like my best friend. I just need to imagine so much money in my account and I am turned on. When I get a credit alert on my account, Oh my God, I get turned on immediately.

Lizzy says asides having money and being willing to spend it on her, another very important thing she looks out for in a man is that he must be well ‘endowed’.

BlackJack Official Trailer

From TES comes this mind blowing mini series that focuses solely on the issue of Emotional pain.

Follow up on:

21 Year Old Nigerian Man Learns to Walk in High Heels to Kill His Mom

This sure sounds like something from a Stephen King novel.

Emmanuel Kalejaiye, a 21-year-old Nigerian man in Essex, England, allegedly learned to walk in high heels as part of an elaborate plan to kill and impersonate his mother.

He is accused of killing his mom, 44-year-old Tolu Kalejaiye, at their home in Essex in September last year.

During a court hearing on Wednesday, it was revealed that he reportedly purchased high heels, a pink hoodie, pink jogging bottoms, and a scarf. He planned to wear them while he moved his mother’s car to fool neighbours into believing  she was still alive, Daily Mail reports. He learned to walk in high heels so he could execute this part of the plan.

He allegedly also planned to kill his brother, Femi, if he discovered his plans to get rid of their mother.

Kalejaiye reportedly killed his mom on September 26th last year as she was walking down the stairs, preparing to go to work. When she realized what her son was trying to do, she called her friend, Leo Shogunle. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer but the call went to his voicemail. When he heard the message, he immediately called the police.

When police arrived at their home, Tolu Kalejaiye’s body was found on the floor of their living room, along with knives, gloves, and overwhelming evidence that her son had killed her.

Eventually, Kalejaiye confessed to police that he killed his mother because she was always quoting the Bible and mentally torturing him.

He has pleaded ‘not guilty’ to murder.

Photo Credit: Cascade News

‘The Expendables 3’ roll call: Sylvester Stallone adds new heroes to his bunch

'The Expendables 3' roll call: Sylvester Stallone adds new heroes to his bunch

In this new exclusive “roll call” for this summer’s “The Expendables 3,” a title card boldly announces that Barney Ross, aka co-writer and star Sylvester Stallone, and his team are back together for

“One Last Ride.” But if they are going out, it’s with a bang (and a boom, and more than a few ka-pows). And they are bringing along some new — but very familiar — faces.Headlining the expanded cast is Mel Gibson, as Barney’s ex-partner and current nemesis Conrad Stonebanks (how’s that for a villain name?), and Harrison Ford, looking right at home as he pilots a helicopter (something the action veteran can do in real life, by the way). Other new team members: Stallone’s “Assassins” co-star Antonio Banderas; his “Demolition Man” co-star Wesley Snipes; and Kelsey Grammer (no, really!).


To properly battle a foe as formidable as Stonebanks, Barney must bring in a new generation of tough but tech-savvy youngsters, whose banter will probably inspire the old-timers to mutter such things as “What’s a Twitter?” New faces include “Twilight” alum Kellan Lutz (looking rugged with perfectly art-directed facial hair), MMA star Ronda Rousey (the only female presence in the teaser), Glenn Powell (“The Dark Knight Rises“), and boxing champ Victor Ortiz, who makes his movie debut.

View image on Twitter
The action consists of the usual crazy stunts, explosions and gunfire, though the tone of “The Expendables 3” seems to be flirting with self-parody for the final hurrah. Indeed, the “roll call” is filled with as many smiles, laughs and goofy facial expressions as things getting shot up and blow up, all set to a summer-movie remix of Billy Squier’s “The Stroke.” It’s just a little taste of the action to get you prepped for the full trailer which should be popping up soon.
“The Expendables 3” opens Aug. 15.

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