Lagos Celebrity Pastor, Sign Fireman, Arrested Over Alleged Ritual Murder

The young man, one Ikechukwu Friday18, was arrested after he had strangled the teenage girl to death and confessed to the police that Pastor Fireman was the one who sent him.

Friday claimed that he went to the pastor to ask for money but the pastor told “said I should go and look for a girl that is under 18 years and strangle her to death. He said while my victim is being strangled, she will excrete hot excreta. The pastor said I should bring the excreta to him and he will give me the money I requested.”

Confirming the incident to a Lagos correspondent this morning,Lagos Police PROMrsNgozi Braide said Pastor Firemanwas arrested on Tuesday7 January2014, five days after he was declared wanted by the police. She said investigation has commenced regarding his involvement. She also said the outcome of the investigation would  soon be made public.

Pastor Fireman who recently got married, is known as a very controversial man of God and his church is noted for using semi-nude girls as ushers as well paying new converts money to continue coming to the church. He is also a patron of theNigerian movie industry, Nollywood and a card carrying member of the Actors’ Guild of NigeriaAGN.


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