Jada Pinkett Smith and Daughter Willow Smith Fighting Over What?



There’s nothing wrong with Jada Pinkett Smith beefing her own daughter, Willow Smith, over whose hair rocks better, right? The actress’s new hair-do spins heads every time, everywhere and that was the same reaction gotten when she arrived at the Equality Reality event on Monday night [Nov. 4] at the West Hollywood’s Montage Hotel.

Jada ensured she caught all the attention there was just by showcasing a curious new look and her verysexy body in a Sleeveless top and knee-length white skirt with strappy peep-toes heels. Who said the mama of two went out of style?

Even though celebrated director, producer and screenwriter Joss Whedon was being honored for his work on gender equality that night, there is no doubt that Jada took ¾ of his audience’s eyes off his speech making appearance.


So, if a 42 year old mama could rock so high, where does that leave her only daughter and musician,Willow Smith who began the hair-cutting swag at their home? Believe it or not, Pulse Jury once put out both of them on our  Facebook wall and Jada stole the show. Does this usual comparison between the hot mama and her young daughter cause any feud?

However, Jada’s solo appearance at the Equality event [an organisation that aims to end violence and discrimination against women all over the world] comes amid claims that she and husband Will Smithare living apart. The couple – who married in 1997 and haven’t been seen in public together since August 2013.

What do you make of Jada’s hot new look and possible daughter hair beef and alleged husband split?Damn, that woman is one busy lady!


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