David Beckham paid himself a £14 million salary last year – that’s a LOT of pants and motorbikes




David Beckham news now, and– you want to see a picture of him topless, don’t you? FINE. HERE:



Right, now that’s out of the way, toplessnesses’ David Beckham paid himself a whopping £14 million salary in 2012 – or, to put it in context, he paid himself the equivalent of 1,077,752 pairs of £12.99 H&M pants, or 1,867 of those Harley-Davidson motorcycles he is such a fan of. Or 5.8 million pots of Brylcreem. Those are the only things David Beckham likes.

As Bloomberg reports, the 38-year-old paid himself his wage via sponsorship and image-rights company Footwork (BECAUSE HE PLAYED FOOTBALL) (WITH HIS FEET) Productions Ltd. Despite retiring from football at the end of the season, his salary was actually up six per cent on the previous year. To put that in context: well we can’t be bothered to do the maths, but ‘quite a few’ more stylish sarongs.

Becks has a string of endorsement deals – including H&M, Sainsbury’s and Sky – most of which demand he strip down to his pants and run around for a bit. And oh, look, here’s a gallery of him doing just that. You’re welcome, perverts


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