31 years after marriage, 57-year-old woman give birth to twins

A 57-year-old teacher, Anike Ajayi, on Monday gave birth to a set of twins after 31 years of childlessness in Ekiti.

Mrs. Ajayi teaches at Muslim Grammar School, Oke-Ila, Housing Road, Ado-Ekiti.

She described the delivery as a `miracle’, saying she gave birth to a boy and a girl after she had stopped her menstrual circle.

“I thank God for what He has done in my life. I got married precisely on December 18, 1982.

“Since then, I have not been able to conceive, this is more than a miracle and I give God the glory for his mercies over my life.

“Many people had mocked me over the years, but I thank God that He finally answer my prayers,” she said.

Mrs. Ajayi attributed the set of twinto the goodness of God in her life. She said God answered her prayer as a result of her steadfastness, unshaken faith in the scriptures and refusal to lose hope in God’s power.

The husband, Olu Ajayi, 65, thanked God for His kindness to his family, saying the babies were to console him for the years of barrenness.

In a reaction, Woleola Ajileye, the General Overseer of The Way of Life Bible Church, Ado-Ekiti, where the couple attends, thanked God for the babies.

She advised the couple to care and train the children with the principles of God.


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