Mysterious fire burns down a house in Calabar while rain fell

Residents of Calabar, Cross River State, are still amazed at the mysterious fire that consumed a residential building while rain was falling in the wee hours of October 3.

The mysterious fire, which started at midnight razed 43, Inyang Street, consuming the roof of the residential apartments and shops while residents were asleep, as rain was falling.

“We were enjoying our sleep as rain was falling but suddenly, we heard shouts of fire, fire, coming from outside and when we rushed out to see where the fire was burning, the flames suddenly became very fierce and nobody return inside again to rescue his belongings,” Udo Sam, a resident told reporters.

Udo, who said that he is from Etinan in Akwa Ibom State, added that the state Fire Service was alerted and they arrived about 20 minutes later but “The midnight inferno could not be put out until it had consumed virtually everything in the house, prompting us to suspect something beyond an ordinary fire.”

When newsmen visited the scene on Saturday, many residents of the building, who had lost valuables to the fire were seen lamenting their plight while some sat dejectedly beside the razed building while sympathisers consoled them.

“I came out with just my shorts but for some sympathisers, who gave me a shirt and a trouser, I would have been naked up till this moment.”


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