The ‘World’s First Trillionaire’ Thanks To Bank Error!!!

reggie theus

What would you do with a trillion bucks? That’s the question Texas resident Reggie Theus faced on Wednesday when he checked his bank account and found that his balance was well over $4 trillion.

Unfortunately, the balance, which would have made Theus the world’s first trillionaire, was a mistake, according to local news station KLTV.
“I was definitely surprised when I looked in my account and saw that much money in there,” Theus told KLTV.
Though Theus won’t get to keep the cash, he told KLTV that he would have used it to help pay off the national debt.
Oddly enough, Molly Layes, of Fort Smith, Ariz., noticed a similar mistake on her BankCorp South statement earlier this week, according to 5 News Online.

reggie theus

BankCorp South communications executive Randy Burchfield confirmed to The Huffington Post that its online banking system had been experiencing some technical glitches.
“BancorpSouth online banking customers’ deposit account balances reflected overstated balance totals for a short period of time Wednesday morning before being corrected,” Burchfield wrote in an email.
Banking errors like these are not unheard of. Daily Finance points out that an Indian man, Parijat Saha, discovered $9.8 billion in his bank account, which was the result of a glitch.


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