Kristen Stewart & Miley Cyrus Star In ’50 Shades Of Grey’ On ‘SNL’


Didn’t you know the producers of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ did screen tests with a ton of actors and actresses before choosing Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam? Well, on Oct. 5 ‘Saturday Night Live’ unearthed a few choice clips starring Miley and K-Stew (sort of), and we’re starting to understand why they didn’t land the role. Watch the video below!

Poor Kristen Stewart! The Twilight actress got roasted on Oct. 5 when Saturday Night Live put on a Fifty Shades of Grey casting skit that made it clear that K-Stew wasn’t right for the role of Anastasia Steele. And as if that wasn’t enough to handle, Miley Cyrus also showed up with a spot-on impression of Scarlett Johansson!


Miley Cyrus Becomes Scarlett Johansson

SNL showed a handful of actors’ “screen tests” that were taken in casting the much-hyped movie, which allowed the show’s cast to show off their best impressions – Taran Killam as Christoph Waltz is our new favorite thing — and while one of our favorite leading ladies got to be in on the joke, another one was the butt of it!

But let’s start with the good — Miley got a hefty amount of laughs for playing Scarlett Johansson, a very demure, very serious Scarlett Johansson. In a sexy black bustier, Miley nailed Scarlett’s often blank stare and ripped into the actress with a deadpan impression, reading lines like “I can do the scene nude. Would you like to see it nude?”

Kristen Stewart Gets Mocked On ‘SNL’

Unfortunately, Kristen was with Scarlett as one of the actresses who got made fun of in the sketch. Played by SNL cast member Noel Wells, a sleepy K-Stew auditioned for Fifty Shades alongsidePhillip Seymour Hoffman. And as Phillip overacted (as Phillip sometimes tends to do), Kristen stood silently with her head in her hand (which to be fair, Kristen does do that a lot).

Kristen’s total lack of engagement got so bad in the skit that people started to wonder if she was even awake! “Is she asleep?” Phillip asked. “Hello?!”

The impression of Kristen wasn’t really anything new — she’s been made fun of for being awkward many times before. But at least we finally got to find out why she wasn’t cast as Anastasia Steele, right?

What do you think of this skit, HollywoodLifers? Did Miley’s Scarlett impression surprise you? Is the K-Stew bit funny? Let us know!


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