How “Gay” Policemen Tried To Rape Me In a Kaduna Police Station

Mr. Abdullahi Araga, a lawyer has narrated how he was illegally detained and almost raped by police officers at Rigasa police station in Kaduna State.

Araga told a reporter that trouble started on September 16, 2013, at 8pm when he noticed someone was flashing a torch light at his living room. He said he later discovered that it was his neighbour whom he identified as Ibrahim Ahmadu.

“I told him that he was interfering in my private life because the torch light was exposing my parlour. More so, my wife was half-naked and breast-feeding our five-month old baby. Instead, he spat on my face and invited a mob to beat me up and tore my clothes to shreds,” Araga alleged.

Araga said he reported the incident at police station in Rigasa, but rather than intervening, the police who on recognising him as a legal practitioner who had engaged them previously on other cases promised to deal with him.

Continuing, he said, “Without hearing my statement, I was asked to be illegally detained by DSP Abdullahi Muhammed Isah without any signed detention order by any police officer. When I tendered my torn clothes as exhibit, it was rejected by the policemen at the counter. My plea to allow me have medical treatment at Rigasa General Hospital which was a stone throw from the police station was rejected.

Araga alleged that while at the police station, he was almost raped by policemen on duty.

In his words: “At midnight, I was taken to the counter where I was beaten to a pulp and stripped naked. The policemen whose names I do not know but can identify, attempted penetrating my anus with their genitals which I resisted vehemently.


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