Swiftly chuffed! Taylor Swift concert tickets are 50% more in demand than One Direction tickets! Sorry Harry…

Taylor Swift’s concert ticket sales are 50 per cent more in demand that the One Direction ones.

The I Knew You Were Trouble singer has won the battle of the tours after her tickets for her 2014 concert went on sale yesterday morning.

Earlier this year the 1D mania went to another level of heights when they shifted tickets for their 2014 gigs quicker than anyone else. Until Taylor came along.

Basically we reckon it’s a lot of One Direction fans attending her concerts just to hear if she will have another outburst live on stage about Harry Styles.

Taylor announced, during her winner’s speech at the MTV Video Music Awards, that she wanted to thank her ex who inspired her for the lyrics of her songs to get her the award.

More information was released yesterday by on of the boys four companies, 1D Media, that showed £6m went through their books in the first year.

After paying back the people they owed during this first year the superstar boy band were left with just £800,000 profits.

That’s £160,000 each, in their first year. Imagine the profits now.

This is how they can afford to tattoo themselves and their friends when ever they want.




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