How President Jonathan Gave Himself Away on 2015

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President Goodluck Jonathan

When former Works Minister and Chairman PDP Board of Trustees, Chief Tony Anenih, urged President Jonathan the other day to declare his stand on 2015 by October (this month) so as to make things easy for those working for him, I chuckled. I asked myself-is there any doubt about the fact that the President is contesting in 2015? President Jonathan and his media handlers have also always said the president declaring his intention now would cause distraction in the polity.

If Chief Anenih or any other of the president’s men thinks President Jonathan running in 2015 is a secret, then such must the best kept secret in the world. If, however, you are one of those gullible guys out there who believe Mr. Fix it, who can believe anything or believe I am the governor of my State of Osun, then Mr. President betrayed his 2015 intention during the Presidential Media Chat last Sunday. This is how. Responding to a question during the chat as to whether he would run in 2015 or not, President Jonathan reiterated the now worn-out line that it was premature to say he would run or not. But he said categorically that he had never said he would n’t contest the 2015 election.

He said: “You are running a government and you want to campaign? The electoral law gives INEC powers to regulate time for campaigns. If you go against it, you can be arrested. If you declare early enough, you will create a problem. Don’t ever force a president to declare. It will cause problems. A lot of people have been coming that I should declare, but now we are talking about development, not campaigns. Whether I am contesting or not should not be an issue in a normal society. My not declaring does not mean I am not preparing to contest.”


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