B.o.B Says He Has The “Best Album This Year,” “Hands Down”

B.o.B Says He Has The

B.o.B speaks of his “underground Luxury” album, how he feels it will be the best album of the year, and the exciting energy currently present in hip hop.

B.o.B has been silent for a while, but he’s planning to drop his third LP, Underground Luxury later this year, and according to him, it’ll be one to remember. The Atlanta rapper spoke with MTV about the new project, and his confidence in both his own work, and that of his peers. 

“For me, it’s great because I would have the best musical album out this year, like hands down,” he said. “That’s no knock to anybody, any of the greats like Jay and Kanye because I enjoyed their albums, but musically, what I put into this album is gonna be the best album this year.”

As proud as he was of his own work, Bobby Ray expressed nothing but excitement towards the current hip hop climate. “This year was a crazy year, everybody put out an album, but I feel like just the energy that’s back in hip-hop, it’s like back what you saw in the ’90s when it was real superstar energy,” he said. “I feel like that’s very present among us.”


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