15 of Siri’s best (and worst) jokes

The developers at Apple have baked some wit into Siri's otherwise robotic responses. Here are 15 of her most clever, and cringeworthy, jokes.

Since the introduction of the iPhone’s personal “assistant” on October 4, 2011, people have used it as much to provoke witticisms as they have to find out the population of Japan or the location of the nearest Japanese restaurant.

In other words, Siri may not always be all that helpful. But she’s been an amusing party trick.

Some of the most common inquiries are based on classic science-fiction movie lines — “2001: A Space Odyssey’s” “HAL, open the pod bay doors” is a favorite — while others rely on ancient philosophical queries.

The Web being what it is, an entire cottage industry has sprung up around Siri’s responses. There’s a Tumblr called “S**t That Siri Says” and a collection of Siri posts called sirifunny.com.

Siri doesn’t always understand, of course. Like E.T. orWOPR, she’s sometimes at a loss when the question has nuance.

On the other hand, you may not want to dig too deeply. When asked if she’s affiliated with Skynet — the people-killing, world-dominating network at the heart of the “Terminator” movies — Siri suddenly clams up.

“I can’t answer that,” she says.

Watch out, world.



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