Will Ex-Chocolate City Rebel Brymo Ever Succeed On His Own?


Brymo is a man with a knife in his mouth. The former Chocolate City vocalist earlier this year rebelled against the powers that be, broke off connections with Choc City, and disconnected his career from the recording powerhouse completely. Now he has released his first single and video, “Down”, and speculations are rife. Many are asking if he has the determination and clout to make it on his own. Does he?

We think he does. Looking back on the life of the singer and how he has made room for himself among the stars, it beggars wisdom to think otherwise. Brymo (Ashimi Olawale) was born in 1986, the son of a carpenter father and a petty trading mother. He grew up in the neighbourhood of Okokomaiko, which is not exactly the choicest of places for a star to earn his childhood badges. After struggling through school, he made the choice to pursue a career in music, going up against the society, which placed lofty regards on education as the only path to success.

And success, relative as it is, is what Brymo has found. Boasting unique vocals, superb voice control, and songwriting skills to rival any other, Brymo made the slow climb up the ladder. He wrote his first song aged 14, and with unflinching dedication kept up at his craft. Between 2002 and 2004, Brymo pulled off a feat, penning 85 songs.

From then on, it was a whirlwind. After some personal success which culminated in meeting M.I and Ice Prince, signing onto Chocolate City records, getting fame from Oleku by Ice Prince, and going one better with his “Ara” hit song. He kept up the climb, releasing ‘#TheSonOfaKapenta which has had some success on the market.Brymo,

Now feeling stagnated, Brymo made the decision to take charge of his destiny again. Ditching Chocolate City, and signing distribution deals with Spinlet. There’s a general feeling that he played the wrong card. With many Nigerians nursing the opinion that the only way for him now is down. Only time and Brymo will prove us wrong.

But for the son of a carpenter, who has found a way to prominence by dedicated hardwork and talent, commonsense and a fear of returning to the slums surely will be enough motivation for him to up his game.

Brymo will succeed, he can’t afford the grim alternative.


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