What ladies wear the highest heels in Europe?

ImageIn Europe most British women wear high heels , because they are the lowest in height. Thus, they compensate for their height and the average heels of their shoes are high 8,4 cm The Spanish women can compete with them – they wear high heels about 8 cm high heels This is almost 2.5 cm in the shoes of Frenchwomen. In a recent survey results show that women who live in the UK are among the lowest in Europe. Information shows that the average height of British women starts at 163 cm results are derived from survey conducted among women aged 18 to 29 . German women  are 5 centimeters higher than UK, and Spanish women only 1 cm higher, so it is clear what the reason for their love for high heels is. The survey also shows that 65 percent of British women suffer the consequences of high heels – severe pain. But according to psychologists, it seems that they are willing to continue to be subjected to this test – wearing high heels, because high women look more confident , more successful and more intelligent . “For the tall woman is believed to be more positive , more confident , richer , more capable , more successful , more independent , and intelligent ” says psychologist Emma Kenny. ” Given that this is a pretty strong argument that there is no way to affect our choices.


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