The effect of high heels


High heels are beautiful. They give a unique sophistication of gait inimitable charms and … in a word, are among our favorite fashion accessories. No woman who, while not wear them constantly, at least not to admire them internally. And men … they just are crazy about them.

Stop! After so many superlatives time is not to grab another pair of ultra high masterpieces Louboutin, but rather turn to the world of science. A recent study by the medical team at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California.

“The overall structure of the foot is adapted to be bent in a way that presuppose high heels,” says Dr. Braxton Little. Medic denies that each pair of shoes is well equipped with a low heel, but … low!, As equal platforms are not less dangerous.

Excessive prolonged use of high-heeled shoes can cause the elderly significant foot problems. Rheumatism, pain in the foot and many other diseases are directly related to the height of the current and the time that we “tortured” his foot on it.

Doctors recommend a working environment and driving can trust the shoes with a low heel and higher models use only in special cases when we assumed that the toilet.


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